Empowering Farmers to Take Control of Planting

Farmers spend countless hours in the fields planting, tending, and harvesting crops. Most people are under the impression that farmers have control over these processes when the reality is that they do not. This is because of the process required for farmers to purchase seeds that are treated with growth enhancers, protection from drought, or chemicals to improve yields. Decisions need to be made several months in advance of the planting season when farmers must order and pay for treated seeds.

Why This is a Problem

The purchase of treated seeds is basically a guessing game rather than a logical decision based on the weather, soil conditions, and need. Farmers must speculate what type of treatment seeds will need, what seeds to plant, and how much treated seed is needed. Once the order is placed, there is no opportunity to make any changes. The unpredictable climate conditions year to year makes this problem even more pronounced than in years past.

Other problems are due to the process of treating the seeds. They are treated in vast amounts so proper coverage of each seed is iffy at best. The seeds are then packaged, hauled to a destination, and bags are handled during loading and unloading. Coverage is weakened because some of the treatment rubs off seeds. Then the bags are delivered to the farmers who must handle them more as they are opened and transported to the planting trucks.

The Solution

Some farmers decided a better process had to be developed, so they worked with engineers and scientists to find a solution. The result is a box seed treater that is set-up right on the farm called My YIELD. There are three sizes available to accommodate any size farm and the cost of the product includes on-farm set-up. Farmers can treat seeds in small batches just before planting and the conveyor is designed to go from the machine directly onto the planting equipment to eliminate handling.

Farmers can take control of the Seed Treatment process year after year and fully utilize their knowledge of the land, the current weather conditions, and which crop will grow best under up-to-date circumstances. Seed blends are available from the company and farmers can request custom blends if they prefer. Financing options are available, and most farmers save enough money to enjoy a full return on the investment in the first year. The longest time for a full return has been reported at three years. Save money, take control of seeds, and have more say in the yield of the farm.



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